Eagle tutorial: How to position components on the bottom side of the board

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If you really wanna jam as many components in the tightest space possible, dual side placement is the way to go. Luca made a tutorial for Eagle which describes how to place components on the bottom side of the board.

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  1. HuB says:

    I was hoping that tutorial is usualy longer than 3 sentences :)

  2. Matseng says:

    Hmmm.. I had expected a little bit more than “1) Select the mirror tool. 2) Click on the component”

  3. AJ says:

    Wow, that was a really in-depth tutorial.

  4. Drone says:

    When are we going to get past restrictive-proprietary Eagle and focus on true cross-platform open-source EDA? KiCad is close, but as long as you focus on Eagle, open source suffers. Take the lead DP, refocus – even if the likes of KiCad is not “perfect” for you. Shift the focus!

    • ewertz says:

      I think that Ian & DP has already done a commendable job laying out the case for KiCad.
      You’re welcome to start your own blog and Ian & Co would probably be happy to link to it when it makes sense.

      Can’t we just argue about something equally as religious has yet to be resolved for ~20 years — Emacs vs. vi? That would also be a fruitful pursuit.

  5. ewertz says:

    I tend to avoid putting components on the back because of the alleged extra cost of doing so for automated assembly (not that I’m there yet). For hand-assembly putting parts on both sides is pretty much a who-cares as far am I’m concerned.

    Can anyone comment on real penalty to be paid for 2-sided assembly? For example, how much extra would something like the Bus Pirate cost if a significant number of the components were on the backside — also taking into account the likely smaller resultant PCB on the cost-savings side?

    • ewertz says:

      it doesn’t matter how many times I proofread my own posts, I’ll never have a typo/grammar-oops-free entry. 0.5*LOL

    • Matseng says:

      That is an interesting question… I tend to put smd parts on both sides for most my designs, it would be interesting to know how that would impact the cost for manufacturing if I ever would do something in more than hand-assembly quantities.

  6. Tom Price says:

    I like to put 0805 passives on the bottom of stripboard prototypes too, especially bypass and crystal caps so I can get them close to the pins.

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