Workshop Update for November 30th, 2012

We’ve finalized our xQFP footprints. The pads in the old design were short, making soldering hard. The new design remedies that, and comes with our standard CC BY-SA license. The files are available in our Eagle library.

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  1. Adrian:

    How about combining the two footprints on opposite sides of the same PCB? Similar concept like this SOIC/TSSOP breakout board:

  2. Matseng:

    Having different pitches on the back- and frontside of the pcb sounds like a good idea. It’s almost like two-for-the-price-of-one….

  3. vimark:

    good idea guys

  4. openmakersdaily:

    having unconnected lines in the middle of signal traces will probably have bad effects with high-speed signals.

    they will act as quarter wave opened line stubs, e.g. resonant bandpass filters.

    maybe that’s acceptable for a breakout board, because the signal frequency will never be so high… but whatever.

  5. AMS:

    You can always cut the traces on the unused side of the board to remove the stubs.

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