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Boseji from m8051 gave us these PCBs on the second day of the Bangalore geek tour. We added them to our free PCB drawer.

The QFP package MSP430F5310 is a nice MSP430 chip that can be programmed and debugged using the MSP430 launchpad. They are presently under CC-BY-SA so you can go ahead if you ever need modifications.

Specifically for the Low Cost MSP430G Series – DIP/SMD. They are presently under CC-BY-SA so you can go ahead if you ever need modifications.

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  1. Hendrik Lipka says:

    The images are reversed between the two board (the OFN entry in the PCB drawer shows the DIP board).

  2. ken says:

    What’s “CC-BY-SA”? What where are the schematics for the boards so you know what to put where?

  3. boseji says:


    The board on the Right hand side is the combination of 4 boards:
    The partial schematics of the MSP430F5310 are located here:

    And this is the article featuring this board:

    The other parts includes a GPS module breakout, MMA8453Q accelerometer breakout and TPS780330220 breakout.

    The Board on the Left hand side is a GP board for MSP430G Series microcontroller.
    Both having compatible DIP and SSOP breakouts with som GP area for prototyping,
    On the back side of each you have a tiny TPS780330220 regulator circuit in case you need to power using higher voltages.

    Hope that this is helpful.

    Warm Regards,

  4. Hendrik Lipka says:

    CC-BY-SA: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (see )

    The files for the 5310 board are here:

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