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Dave over at EEVblog used the Bus Pirate in his demo.  In the video he works on Mantis Elite 3D Stereoscopic microscope review from Vision engineering.

See the Bus Pirate in the EEVblog after the break.

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  1. ivanjh says:

    “*used* the Bus Pirate” – that’s a bit of a stretch isn’t it?
    That’s like saying I used 80 people on the bus this morning…

  2. torwag says:

    Ok I have to agree with ivanjh…

    I like Daves blog but he can really get long long long on a single subject…. not that it is boring, but its often just too long for the timeframes available of watch such stuff.

    Was looking eagerly for almost 20 min how he is going to hack the microscope with the help of the buspirate…

  3. FourthDr says:

    As they like to say in US capitol any time someone tells a fib…….He (fill in the blank) kind of “stretched” the truth. When you said Dave “used” a buspirate…..it’s more like he looked at it under a microscope LOL That’s definitely a face palm…. :-D

    Come on Dave! You can do better than LOOK at a buspirate! Hack your way out of a McGiver like situation…..you are trapped in a car compactor, and are seconds away from being crushed! But, Ah Ha! I have my trusty buspirate, hack the hydrolic controls and escape with time to spare! Buspirate saves the day again! :-D

  4. Dave says:

    Yes, I hardly “used” the bus pirate in this video!
    Here is a video where I really did use it:

  5. Ian says:

    Sorry everyone, didn’t mean to overstate. We were tipped about the video but I couldn’t check it out from China. Still super psyched to be included in something as super awesome as EEVblog.

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