Shenzhen day 2: Other stuff

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One of our goals on this trip is to map out the main component buildings of Hua Qiang Bei market. Today we explored the South-East quadrant we’ve never noticed before.

This part was full of cell phone replacement parts and repair stands. It was much like Manish market in Mumbai India, but Shenzhen-sized. There’s replacement screens, touch panels, batteries, chips, and even full case replacements. You could probably rebuild about any modern phone with the parts here.

There was a lot of interesting stuff. We saw a cell phone tester of some sort, and a shop selling solder stencils for the main chips on popular phones like the iPhone.

This stretched over at least 2 floors covering 3 city blocks. At the end we noted multiple used cell phone markets selling all kinds of phones: broken screens, outdated, etc.

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  1. bzorg says:

    Wow , what did you pick up ?

  2. Sjaak says:

    Damn how could we have missed LCD heaven in April? :/

  3. reyhani says:

    plz send for me addres company

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