Hackers get to poke at obsolete Peek devices

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LinuxDevices reports that the now defunct Peek email service is offering free surplus hardware to hackers. “Peek has discontinued its low-cost, email-and-texting service but is challenging hackers to “build something great” with the leftover handhelds, according to The Verge. The Peek devices include a 2.5-inch screen, a QWERTY keyboard, an ARM7-based processor, and a GSM cellular modem, according to the company.”

The devices were reportedly based on on a Texas Instruments (TI) ARM7-based LoCosto processor.

Interested hardware hackers should contact Amol [at] peek.ly. (We note that the LinuxDevices article is dated February, 2012; we’re uncertain if any devices are still available but we’re passing this along FYI.)

hak8or via the contact form.

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  1. Kevin Groce says:

    I still have my peek I bought to hack around with. It used tmo network for services. Seems the program port was a
    1.8 volt serial if I remember correctly. Would be nice to try and use them again

  2. UnderSampled says:

    Important links:


    the latter says that they already shipped their stock.
    If you still want to try, you can still buy them from ebay and amazon:


  3. Leigh says:

    Amol is a good guy. Peek was almost the right thing. Best of luck to them.

  4. Fred says:

    Slow news day?

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