Who says BGA packages are hard to solder

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Here is proof that soldering BGA’s is not that hard. Check out this Mandelbrot zoom fractal engine with a PSP display project (machine translation). The FPGA in a ball grid array package is soldered dead bug style. Now that’s skill.

Via the forum, and Hack a Day.

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  1. cde says:

    That’s only because it’s 1mm pitch! That’s basically DIP deadbug soldering level of easy. Try soldering 0.5mm pitched 3mmx2mm bga packages, see how easy that is.

  2. Adrian says:

    I think the “easy / not hard” is tongue firmly in cheek. At least my post in the forum was :-)

  3. Michael Chen says:

    I agree, this could have been much more worse with a smaller pitch. Still, BGA is BGA and props for the soldering skills.

  4. rasz says:

    This almost makes me think it would be possible to deadbug Cypress FX3 in 121-BGA 0.8mm package

  5. Valentin Angelovski says:

    Impressive! I hope he got a schematic for all that somewhere and not simply wired it as he went along.. }:A

  6. thunderlord says:

    Still it’s a 484-pin BGA!

  7. thunderlord says:

    Imagining soldering of XC7V2000T-1FLG1925CES9937 1925-FCBGA (45×45) :)

  8. Winston says:

    What do you call a cross between a EE and a precision jeweler? This guy.

  9. Chris Jones says:

    Here is my attempt at dead-bugging a finer pitch BGA, though thankfully with fewer pins. It works, but I wouldn’t trust it to keep working in a rough environment:

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