Box of new PCBs

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A box of PCBs just arrived from Seeed Studio’s Fusion PCB service. This batch includes:

All of these PCBs  are available now in the free PCB drawer.

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  1. Vladimir says:

    What is Logic Boost? I can’t find any mentions of on the Web.

  2. Markus Gritsch says:

    @Vladimir: An MSP430 Launchpad Logic Analyzer:

  3. chirag says:

    Shucks! Just days after I ordered one from the drawer.

  4. Dolabra says:

    I like the SOB proto boards, the ones with the USB foot print. I think a lot of projects could use one of those instead of a custom board

  5. Blars says:

    Finally something that looks within my skill level, is of interest, takes a single coupon, and is in stock. This christmas present (I got my coupon at the end of last year) is a bit late. Is there any documentation of DP6037 SMT, or do is it supposed to be completly obvious?

    • Filip says:

      none whatsoever :) none of these boards have been documented yet, but the team is uploading the design files to the SVN as we speak, and linking the drawer pages to them :) for now, only design file will be available… once we get to test them out and play with the boards we’ll write up documentation…

      BTW the board you’re interested in is not in the pic above…but the pic is at the drawer link..

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