How to build a surface mount resistor and capacitor collection

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This tutorial shows how to easily, and relatively cheaply, build a nicely organized SMD resistor, and capacitor collection. George likes using connectable tiny storage boxes, and filling them with resistor/capacitor kits from eBay. This is complemented by printing out labels for your storage boxes using the label design files for download.

Via Twitter.

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  1. Kevin says:

    I didn’t really have a place to make practical use of the little storage boxes. Instead I got a 144 compartment ‘Box-All’ enclosure. You can find them on eBay by searching for ’144 compartment’. Link –

    • Trev says:

      Yep – I’ have a couple of the 144 compartment “Box-All” cases – excellent value for approx $US 29 shipped. I acquired a couple of the pictured plastic clip-together boxes, but went with the BA as the better solution because (1) the BA takes up less space; (2) the BA comes with labels (and a free pair of steak knives^H^H^H^H^Htweezers); (3) the quality of the plastic clip-together boxes is variable especially the sprung metal hinge; (4) the BA was cheaper to boot.

      • Mikkelsen says:

        but the ones from adafruit (you can find various brands of them on ebay to, (some are trashy, some are really good), that can take some of the bigger components, but if you only want to store resistors and caps, the above could be ok, if you arent using the book’s where you can stick the tape-cuts into.

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