Bus Blaster free PCB build

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Grapsus built a free Bus Blaster v4.1 PCB. The Bus Blaster is a high-speed JTAG debugger for ARM processors, FPGAs, CPLDs, flash memory, and more.

If you build a free PCB we’ll send you another one! Blog about it, post a picture on Flickr, whatever – we’ll send you a coupon code for the free PCB drawer.

You can get a Bus Blaster v2 for $34.95.

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  1. JBeale says:

    very clean looking board, at first I thought it was one of the CGI renderings!

  2. kevin says:

    Dang @Grapsus that looks so clean! Great job :)

  3. Philip says:

    Nice! i thought was a seeed assembled board!

  4. Benjamin Fiset-Deschenes says:

    Wait there is a 4.1 rev? I haven’t seen those in the drawer. Nice build by the way!

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