RIM hands out Arduinos at BlackBerry conference

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At the recent BlackBerry Jam Americas conference, developers who filled out a survey about their experience at the conference were given Arduino boards for open source prototyping. The wireless device manufacturer handed out Arduino Uno boards with the hope of generating interest among third-party developers in developing coupled hardware and software solutions potentially with BlackBerry 10 or other platforms.

Via N4BB.

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  1. dave0 says:

    So, were they Italian or Chinese knock-offs this time?

  2. Bob D says:

    Yeah, unfortunately RIM handed out counterfeit Arduino Unos according to Massimo Banzi. Probably an innocent mistake, but makes RIM really look like 3rd rate also-rans after the custom built Megas that Google made for the Android development kit.

  3. Randy says:

    Based on the silkscreen, and the fact that Massimo Banzi is in the comments on that thread calling it a knockoff, I’d say knockoff.

    Some of the comments on that article are hilarious: how this is “RIM pushing innovation” and they “can’t imagine anyone else doing something like that”. *cough*ADK*cough*

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