Open 7400 prize: Stair lighting controller kit and 10 stair lights from Hacked Gadgets

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Hacked Gadgets donated a stair lighting controller kit and 10 stair lights to the Open 7400 Logic Competition. Get your entry in and this and other cool hardware can be yours.

This is a Stair Lighting Controller board and all components that are needed to assemble it. These parts will need to be soldered onto the board before use. Please note that the controller does not come with any LED Stair Lights these will have to be purchased individually depending on the number of stairs you have. The kit can power any 5 volt 20mA stair lights, each of the 10 outputs can power up to two of this type of stair light.

Thank you to Hacked Gadgets for sponsoring the 2012 Open 7400 Logic Competition!

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  1. Jim says:

    wow, Got to get me one of these Stair lighting controllers!

  2. MrWizzard says:

    Many different possibilities. Love this stair lighting controller kit!

  3. Matseng says:

    Just install 20 white leds and have them on all the time. The power consumption is minimal and will cost you next to nothing.

    20 leds x 0.020 ampere x 3 volts = 1.2 watts. One month is 24*30 = 720 hours. So having the leds on a full month you will use 1.2watt * 720 hours = 846 WH = 0.86KWh. With the power loss in the power supply it might be 1 kilowatthour per month in total. Where I live that would cost me less than 0.5 dollar.

    This controller makes it look cool, but there are no real monetary savings by using it.

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