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Buzzdavidsion let us know that he received the big box of parts, and sent it along to the next one in line. He also took pictures of the things he took out (picture below), and the things he put in (picture above). Below is an inventory of the box.

Things he took out:

  • IN-1 Nixie
  • Fiber patch cable
  • Miscellaneous Maxim ICs
  • Chankster’s NTP Nixie PCB
  • SARDuino board
  • Superprobe PCB
  • And a couple of tiny breakout boards

Things he put in:

  • Misc PLCC Sockets
  • XBee shield
  • Irrigation/Valve PCB
  • PIC32 dev board PCB
  • Small protoboards
  • Thermal battery switches
  • 4×8 R/G LED Matrix
  • OLED screen
  • Arduino sensor shield
  • Tiny BusPirate v3 cases
  • Arduino harness
  • TI F2102 dev boards
  • Switch Cover
  • Amperex ZM1032 (bi-quinary) nixies
  • A101 Dekatron
  • 7-segment display board
  • Parallel and Serial AVR programmers (BONUS Thai documentation)
  • 7 Segment VFD
  • ATTiny2313 dev board with documentation
  • And a bunch of 7400 and 4000 series CMOS logic parts

If you’re from the US and would like to join in, head to the forum.

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  1. Zivorad says:

    Box of freebees running around between members???
    This is so god that I still do not believe that there are people like that.
    Great idea guys, too bad I cannot participate,
    I just had to say it is proof that we are evolving as race

    Cheers from Serbia!!!

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