embedXcode IDE covers multiple platforms

Rei Vilo has developed embedXcode, a Xcode 4 template for embedded computing boards, that supports Arduino, chipKIT, MSP430 LaunchPad, LeafLabs Maple and Wiring boards/platforms.

“It relies on a set of modular makefiles, so adding support for a new board/platform is easy. The makefiles can also be used with any standard IDE, for example NetBeans. I hope embedXcode could help developers with a more advanced IDE on OS X.”

You can learn more at the embedXcode webpage.

Via the contact form.

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  1. mitek says:

    Multiplaform very good idea but what with debugging ? For blinking projects serial.print very helpfull but for complex projects too hard debug w/o hardware debugging.

  2. boz says:

    Does anyone else see the irony in a multiplatform IDE which runs on the Mac OSX only ;-)

  3. Rei Vilo says:

    You’re right! That’s why I tried the makefiles with NetBeans. But Windows directories are somewhat different from OS X. Feel free to port the to Windows!

  4. Rei Vilo says:


    embedXcode has now a standard OS X installation package!

    Learn more and download it at http://embedxcode.weebly.com/1/post/2012/09/installation-package.html

  5. Rei Vilo says:

    New release 16 with support of the FraunchPad MSP430FR5739 board.

  6. Rei VILO says:

    embedXcode now supports LaunchPad Stellaris LM4F, Teensy 3.0 and Arduino Due!

  7. Rei Vilo says:

    The User Manual for embedXcode is now available as a free e-book.

    Download from http://embedxcode.weebly.com/tutorial.html

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