40pin IDE cable to 40pin breakout board

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Chris designed this simple 40pin IDE to 40pin ”0.1 header to easily breadboard with his DE0-Nano FPGA development system. While it was designed for the DE0-Nano, any board that uses the 40 pin IDE header can be broken out in this way. He provided in-depth instructions on how to build your own, including the design files.

Via Embedded Lab.

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  1. Greg says:

    Great, I am finally getting around to playing with my stm32f4-discovery which rather left me scratching my head regarding breadboarding it because of this very reason :)

    Except.. it has a 50 way IDC not a 40 way one. ho hum, and I just built my hopes up too :(

    Guess I will have to design my own for 50 pin. Still, it is all practice after all and what doesn’t burn you can only make you solder.

  2. Matseng says:

    Yup, they’re nice as an alternative to the standard M/M and F/F variants that are sold everywhere, but they’re not a universal solution for everything…

    But breaking out and connecting/using all 100 pins onto a breadboard would most likely more jumpers and parts on the breadboards than I ever would care wiring up. :-)

  3. hardcorefs says:

    Not too bad considering the guy only has one finger.

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