Stellaris LaunchPad is another cheapie dev-board to get you hooked

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Texas Instruments is set to release a LaunchPad development board for their Stellaris Cortex M4 based DSPs. The release date is set for 25th of September. If your register on their site, you’ll have the ability to pre-order these boards for $5. The cheapie dev-boards just keep on coming.

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  1. Dolabra says:

    “The cheapie dev-boards just keep on coming.”

    Along with Cheezy videos :)

  2. NsN says:

    Is there any more information about this launchpad available? For example at which speed the controller will run?

  3. exapod says:

    Good video!! But nothing in comparison with this :D Brett novak is the man.

  4. Chuckt says:

    How many will they let you pre-order?

  5. needawire says:

    Alot of uptodate news on the Stellaris launchpad at the Stellaris Forums, including specs

  6. Drone says:

    THANKS LAUNCHPAD!! ZOWIE! (man, this is a joke…)

  7. pokey says:

    Good to see them officially acknowledge GCC as a supported toolchain. Hopefully their sample code and support libraries don’t need anything beyond a standard ARM binutils and GCC unlike some other Cortex vendors I could name.

    • Tiersten says:

      This ^ exactly. Nothing more frustrating than finding out that if you want to use all the Flash, RAM or peripherals that you need to pay for a compiler.

  8. Louis Mamakos says:

    So I don’t really get this marketing strategy. Get our attention, and tease us about a new product, but then don’t tell us anything about it. Do I want one? How TF would I know? Will I remember to check back in 30 days? Probably not. Many vendors are like this; I get new product announcements from Maxim and then find there is no stock, and no pricing information available. You got my attention, and then lost it; will you ever get my attention back on that product again in the future? Probably only by chance.

    I understand the bit about brand marketing, but if TI’s goal is to get design wins for their new parts, how about you tell us WTF the parts do and cost at the time you spent your marketing dollars getting my attention?

  9. Chuckt says:

    I’m concerned because some of the comments talk about PWM being missing?

    Sounds like they will be making up their lost money by selling add on peripherals to complete the board?

    Why the secrecy?

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