App note: Understanding microphone sensitivity

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Analog Devices discusses the sensitivity of analog and digital microphones.

Sensitivity, the ratio of the analog output voltage or digital output value to the input pressure, is a key specification of any microphone. Mapping units in the acoustic domain to units in the electrical domain determines the magnitude of the microphone output signal, given a known input.

This article will discuss the distinction in sensitivity specifications between analog and digital microphones, how to choose a microphone with the best sensitivity for the application, and why adding a bit (or more) of digital gain can enhance the microphone signal.

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  1. Nathaniel says:

    First link bad format.

  2. R E Gene Grillot says:

    I have an application using an electret mic and have a terrible with noise when brushing the case. How to I suspend an electret to isolate it from noise brushing the case.
    Thanks for your help

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