RX62N free online university course plus textbook

If you’re in line to receive the RX62N Demo Board from Renesas, here are some links you’ll want to check out. The University of North Carolina (UNC Charlotte) has a complete online Embedded Systems Course designed specifically around the RX62N board. The course has a complete series of lecture and lab videos and can be found on YouTube. Course details can be found on Professor Conrad’s webpage under the course title ECGR4101/5101 Embedded Systems.

Even better, there’s a free 524-page PDF download of Professor Conrad’s course book from Renesas!

These are truly unique resources for any dev board, and are a must see for anyone with the RX62N. Thanks, UNC and Renesas!

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  1. Chuckt says:

    Thank you. I’m going to try to watch the videos.

  2. Jay Wilkinson says:

    When you click to sign up for that board, it forwards you to a site that Firefox says is a Forgery. Anyone know about this?

  3. Michael says:

    I’m getting the same thing… Can’t request sample…

  4. Nexus says:

    Samplecomonents.com is Digikey owned

  5. Matt says:

    Odd, It didn’t do that a few days ago. Someone must have reported it to one of the watchdog sites. It works just fine, it’s a Digikey site.

  6. Elias says:

    Meh, that was quite boring and not super useful :P

  7. uncle ed says:

    Hmmm… I thought exactly the opposite. I must be a boring sort.

  8. Stephen says:

    I just got confirmation that my demo board is on its way. I just went to the link in the article in DP last week, it was the Renesas site.

    • Stephen says:

      Now that I will be unemployed as of this Friday, maybe I’ll have tyme to get to some of these projects, like my BusPirate bare board I got last year. I just got the parts 2 weeks ago.

  9. mitek says:

    I receive one RX62N from Renesas. This good start point for this board.

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