Global Geek Tour Singapore: More parts at Koba Electronics

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Love these strips of parts at Koba electronics. Easy to browse. Great way to display. Never see it before.

Bulk parts. Notice the bag of decent test hooks on the left.

More bulk parts

Cable wall

Reels of leds

Strips of fans hanging from the wall

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  1. Electrosmith says:

    Oh heeeelll yes, I was there about a year ago and ended up right in that shop. I would never be able to find it again, in one of those non-descript chineese mall-things. Great place though. 4F caps all the way in the back on top of the shelf, and no room for more than one person to walk in there at a time. Great place.

  2. yggdrasilien says:


  3. kuhltwo says:

    we need something like that here in the states.

  4. 7 says:

    when did Ian went here in Singapore?

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