Arduino task scheduler

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Brad shared an Arduino library he wrote schedules when specific functions will be executed. The code is open source and available on github.

This library allows you to create a schedule queue of functions to be executed at specified times, on specified intervals.  For example, say you’re trying to log some sensor data and update a display in the same program. With the task scheduler, you can simply write a function to gather sensor data, write a function to update the display, add them to your queue, and let the library handle the rest.

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  1. Gamin Inganela says:

    Terrific! I could find so much use for this in my Xbee-based, SD-writing, Input-polling, LCD-displaying project.

  2. Drone says:

    Umm… Aren’t there a bunch of other scheduler/RTOS’s for Atemega and AVR parts out there already?


    Also, a real “Scheduler” not only allows a-priori scheduling (what this seems to do), but services real time task requests, often within some specified latency period.

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