16 instrument drum machine using PIC24

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Matt designed and built a PIC24 based drum machine. It has samples of 16 different instruments, that can be be stored at 16 different channels, into 16 time positions. The video above demonstrates his project in action.

It’s a mini drum machine modelled on classic machines like the Roland TR808. My version is digital, playing samples rather than analogue and uses a single pic24 to do the work.

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  1. Dan says:

    That’s really awesome!

  2. Matt Casey says:

    Thanks Dan, glad you like it.
    I’m aiming to get a schematic drawn up in Eagle over the next few days which I’ll post on my blog once it’s done. At the moment it’s all pencil sketches.

  3. Mats says:

    Agreed… Really nice.

    A year back I started designing a similar thing, but in a circular shape and based on an AVR Xmega. But as many of my projects it stops after getting the design done…. :-( Maybe I should revive that project and make it actually happen.

  4. Matt Casey says:

    I’ve posted the schematics to this project along with some more overview up on my blog here; http://catmacey.wordpress.com/2012/07/23/drum-machine-prototype-schematic/

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