Only 16 ATX Breakout Boards left

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Get them while they’re hot. Only 16 ATX Breakout Boards v1.1 are left at Seeed from the initial batch. Another batch is in production. Thanks to everyone for making this project a success.

Available for $13.80 at Seeed Studio.

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  1. Kawa says:

    Mine just got “traceable”. Can’t wait to get it, it will be used extensively. It’s the easiest way to have a power supply both at work and at home. I would also like to build up a logic sniffer, Ian, can you help me out with a pcb?

    • Ian says:

      Hi Kawa,

      I hope the ATX is super useful, let me know.

      I’m sorry, I haven’t had any Logic Sniffer PCBs in 2+ years since we prototyped it.

  2. kmmankad says:

    Why not slap on some of these cool Voltmeters/Ammeters?
    Ebay Link

  3. exapod says:

    What is the switch?
    In the part list on this page the switch link is the same as the molex connector, can someone fix it?

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