EagleUp v4.4 released

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Jerome continues to develop the awesome EagleUp plugin for SketchUp and Eagle, which we use extensively in our 3D models. He released version 4.4, which fixes some bugs that popped up with newer versions of Sketchup and Eagle. He also added new functionality like custom silk layers, z-axis offset for parts, and relative paths for folders.

If you haven’t already, check out our EagleUp tutorial.

Read about version 4.4 below the fold.

eagleUp 4.4 brings compatibilitywith ImageMagick 6.7.7 and Eagle 6.x. as well as with the previous versions.

Top and bottom textures are generated faster and will look better near holes.

Parts placement is more precise, with um resolution.

The EAGLEUP attribute gets a third parameter to modify Z-axis offset without modifying the 3D model. On the image above the Led have 0.5mm offsets. Syntax can include {part_name} {;{M}{Rxxx}} {;yyy.yy u}, where yyy.yy is the vertical offset (positive or negative float value) and u the unit. Unit can be mm, mil, mils, or inch. To move the part upward by 0.5 mm, add the attribute EAGLEUP with value ; ; 0.5 mm

The files are now handled with relative paths, so the eagleUp export folder can be moved around. This also helps with non-english characters, such as ö, ü, in the path (simply avoid them in the name of the export folder).

Two new options for the silk layers : none, and custom. In custom you can define your own mix of layers used for the silk. Type the layers separated with a space, for ex 21 25 51.

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  1. Pedro Diogo says:

    Nice update, especially on the silk layers that were giving me trouble last time I used them.

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