Workshop Update for July 5th, 2012

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Today is Workshop Video Thursday so we spent a lot of time in filming and editing. We still haven’t found a great solution for the screen capture software.

Firmware development took a hit today, as we wasted most of the time following wrong assumptions. While implementing the final “menu activated” function, we somehow broke the entire menu. We had to delete today’s work, and start over.

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  1. arhi says:

    I use VirtualBox for years now and I always found that it lacks one very good option that I had with VMWare server. VMWare server (free edition) had option to record a video of what you do on the virtual machine so from booting up until shutdown (of course you could start/stop any time). This makes it perfect for tutorials etc, you create one blank XP installation (or win7 or what’s your favorite) and you record the whole session … later on you edit it easily … yuo have blank virtual machine where you can play not worrying you will mess up your working machine

    If you don’t want to play directly on the machine, I forgot most about windows as I really rarely use it but there was a commercial application that I really liked (we purchased more then 100 licences back in the day) called SnagIt from … it’s the best screen capture app I ever used (for stills) and it’s video capture capability is extremely good. You can fetch a free trial and decide for yourself …

    On linux I use istambul for video capture, it’s not perfect but get’s the job done

  2. Brian says:

    I used this one under linux:

    But alternativeto should give you all the reasonable choices on any platform Ian.

  3. voidptr says:

    on my pc i used this silly free application
    it works …

  4. Richard says:

    Conveniently, a coworker just told me today about a couple of ways to capture video of your desktop: VLC (his preferred method) and Windows Media Encoder.

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