Workshop Update for June 29th, 2012

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Today we finalized the partkit list. W e contacted all the suppliers and received wholesale quotes from them. We also verified some Bus Pirate bug fixes.

We searched for, and wrote about 4 app notes for the weekend. They come from Microchip, Texas Instruments, NXP, and  Linear Technology.

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  1. Teslafreak says:

    Is there an estimate on when a parts kit would be available, or a rough cost at all? I’m thinking about making some orders, but I may wait if it’s relatively soon.

  2. mike says:

    why does the picture show the PC power supply tester connected to an LCD display showing an NPN transistor with a hfe of 94, collector pin is 2, base is 3 emitter is 1 ?

    is it 1st of April already !!!!!

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