Fixing the EDID ROM of a monitor using the Bus Pirate

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Matthias fixed the EDID ROM of his Samsung monitor using the Bus Pirate. He documented the whole process on his blog. Also included is a tip on how to connect the Bus Pirate to I2C line through the VGA, or DVI cable.

This post is about fixing a broken EDID ROM in a monitor. There are several ways to do this. Typically this involves writing the EEPROM with the Windows only tool PowerStrip (see here for a HOWTO) . Here I want to present an alternative solution using the Dangerous Prototypes Bus Pirate – a device which every hardware hacker with self-respect should have anyway. You should already be tech-savvy to attempt this procedure.

Via the forum.

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  1. Jay Wilkinson says:

    Very nice writeup!

  2. makomk says:

    In theory you should be able to reprogram the EDID EEPROM directly from Linux using the eeprom program from i2c-tools. Just be sure to tell it to use the correct bus if you do that – there are lots of I2C buses with EEPROMs on and overwriting the wrong one would be a really bad idea.

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