Workshop Update for June 19th, 2012

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Today was mostly documentation day. We wrote another Eagle tutorial, this time on how to make plated holes for your PCBs. We will run it tomorrow, as our regular “HOW TO” post.

We also continued with some renders of a soon to be released product. We spent lots of time editing the render in Photoshop, trying to add a transparency layer. This is nifty when using the renders in different backgrounds, like sales pages, and brochures.

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  1. dext0rb says:

    Excited to hear what the sekrat project is

  2. fcobcn says:

    Use an alpha channel when rendering, then you can cut the background with one click.
    Drop me a line if you need help.

    • Filip says:

      Kerkythea doesn’t have alpha Chanel rendering in one go…But you can render the model you want, and a alpha mask render separately. The mas is just a black white. where black is all the space that isn;t he model, and white is the model….I then use PS to and the layer mask to add the alpha channel….

      What was taking so much time in this peculiar model, was the fact that it had transparent surfaces, and Kerkythea doesn’t see them as transparent in mask render, so I modified the Mask with PS to get those surfaces transparent….

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