Zap mosquitoes in flight with a laser

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Ridding Africa of Malaria spreading mosquitoes in the coolest way possible – with lasers. The software controlling the laser is smart, it can identify and kill only the bloodsucking females. Wish we had one of these in the office.

Via the IRC channel.

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  1. Chuckt says:

    Anyone want to open source it so I can have one around my house?

    • Filip says:

      cool Idea, the controller could be done, but the laser is another story

      • Chuckt says:

        The danger of such a system would be the laser damaging anything else in its path but I think it could identify flies and harmful insects. I have put down “Cutter” because most mosquito are in larvae form and we have several bats in the neighborhood but I see them swarming in the grass and I’ve used electrical bug zappers but I get eaten alive for being outside.

  2. Ruud says:

    I don’t think it’s open source, but you might be able to buy the Starwars Musquito Defense System ;)

  3. serjio says:

    It’s an old presentation, and so far I can’t find any of these devices on ebay or in the Internet at all. Sometimes it seems it was a first-april joke.

  4. GrahamM says:

    I remember some of this turning up in the IEEE Spectrum magazine back in May 2010, which, strangely enough is the same month/year of posting of the video. The link is Backyard Star Wars – IEEE Spectrum

  5. cipher says:

    I had this idea but some else have done it. G8 work

  6. Alan says:

    A sensor in each corner of a room, combined with a laser – fair enough.
    Triangulate on a mosquito- they aren’t exactly LOUD, but I’ll call it “possible”.

    Telling a male from a female, by the sound – that sounds REALLY hard but maybe it can be done, I don’t know enough about mozzies.

    Stopping the lasers from burning holes in the curtains? THAT I’d like to see !

  7. sfsdf says:

    Male and female mosquito’s make different frequencies of sound.
    It’s really easy to do if you use the frequency spectrum.

    Not so difficult at all to do.

    If the curtains are reasonably static you could add a no shoot zone when the laser is in a certain area of orientation it is not allowed to shoot.

    • Filip says:

      A simpler implementation might be to make box, with one side open, a UV light to attract them, and the
      the laser system at the entrance…It would be localized, and avoid shouting you in the eye or damaging furniture, a fume extractor would be a must :D

  8. Alan says:

    Yes Filip, but I’ll go one better. Replace the lasers with a high voltage grid, to “zap” them.
    Congrats – together we have come up with the same system already in use to control bugs.

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