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A while ago we asked What gerber viewer do you use and why?. The general consensus is that the gerber files need to be checked before you send them go get your PCBs made.

ZofzPCB is a gerber viewer geared to make verification quick and easy. It shows the board and layers in 3D so it’s easier to spot errors. It can also make each trace a different color so the location is clearer.

  • ZofzPCB 3D Gerber Viewer can display 3D PCB model, using your design CAM files.
  • Gerber and Excellon files are assigned to layers in auto or manual mode. – Stackup dimensions are fully editable.
  • 3D approach allows more direct visual examination of your design.
  • ZofzPCB 3D Gerber Viewer aided by DirectX and modern graphic hardware, brings impressive real-time images to your desk.
  • ZofzPCB recreates netlist and can mark each net with different color.
  • ZofzPCB allows you to take mechanical measurements, also between layers.

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  1. jbeale says:

    Just loaded one of my boards in the 3D viewer and had a look. Very, very cool!

  2. Elias says:

    That is damn beautiful!

  3. Zofz says:

    I have improved the gerber viewer:
    Excellon G00, G01, G2, G3, G5 implemented for complex slot cnc-routing
    Drill file in a Gerber Format: Circle=Drill, Track=cnc-Routing
    Automatic drill file format recognition

    But the coolest addition is the Screensaver interface!
    It is possible to set it up for your own board :)

  4. JBeale says:

    Very cool! An earlier version of this program crashed on a medium-sized 4-layer board of mine. But this one is working so far, and looks very nice.

  5. FourthDr says:

    Does it also render the parts on the PCB?? Then it would be perfect! A single solution for PCB gerber and the components in 3D would save lots of time. You could more easily tell if parts actually fit correctly on the board and don’t bang into one another.

    • Zofz says:

      OK – what is the component placement file?
      option 1. pick and place + soldermask & copper + matching.
      option 2. IPC-356 type of netlist containing also physical component positions.
      What option is widely available?

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