PARTS LIBRARY: Bourns 3306F trimmer resistor

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After a few problems with standard Eagle trimmer footprints, we added the Bourns 3306F trimmer to our Eagle parts library. It seems to be a pretty common-ground footprint. We used a larger than recommended pin-hole diameter so it will work with other common trimmers too.

We use trimmers as adjustable voltage dividers, such as for contrast adjustment on HD44780 LCDs. They can also be adjustable resistors when the value needed is not clearly defined, like the backlight current adjustment on the USB LCD Backpack. Generally trimmers are rated for around 1/5th Watt.

Find out where to buy these and other parts on the partlist wiki.

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  1. Nick says:

    The photo, at least the one on the right, appears to be a 3306P, with the legs are close to the center of the body, while the title (and footprint?) are for a 3306F, where the legs are at the outside of the body.

    I hope the footprint is for the F, because that’s what I have :) The -F style seems to be broadly similar to most of the generic ones on ebay, too.

    • Ian says:

      You are correct, the photo is wrong. The footprint is not for this type, but the more common type. We just used it to illustrate the part.

  2. Cubed says:

    Would this work in a breadboard?

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