Workshop Update for June 8th, 2012

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Today we investigated bug reports in the PC Keyboard, SPI, and logic analyzer mode of the Bus Pirate. We also continued to work on the new sales pages for our projects.

The first batch of Bus Pirate v3.6 with a new form factor is now on sale at Seeed.

Darlington transistors are added to the Part Ninja recognition firmware. Both the versions with the protection diode, and without, are supported.

Routing on the LED matrix for the DIY DP Badge is mostly done. The only thing left to do is add the microcontroller and connect it up with the 3 ‘595 serial shift registers. We chose the PIC12F1840 as it has 7kB of memory, and a whole bunch of peripherals in a tiny 8 pin package.

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  1. r4k says:

    So how does the Ninja know whether a part is a darlington or just a BJT with a really high hFe?

  2. Just a guess – the higher base emitter voltage required to start conducting?

  3. Markus Gritsch says:

    It seems the product page at Seeed still shows Bus Pirae v3.5c pictures. Do you have pictures of the new form factor?

  4. Drone says:

    Ya, Seeed pic is old. Where can we see the new board?

    “Today we troubleshooted” – Hmmm….

  5. Ian says:

    Markus, Drone – here’s a pic of the v3.5e that became the v3.6. Board shape changed only:

    @Drone – thanks, copy and paste error fixed.

  6. Markus Gritsch says:

    Thanks! The rounded edges and the new holes without the metal surrounding them looks much better to me :)

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