embdSocial team project weekend roundup

Christopher Armenio writes, “The embdSocial team just finished our 2nd ‘Project Weekend’ and we delivered some pretty awesome projects! Thanks for checking them out.”

Check below the fold for project videos, links to details and more!

The Internet-Enabled Power Outlet, a completely self-contained, Wisp-enabled power outlet.

The Google Calendar Integration project is a natural extension of the Wisp-enabled Power Outlet project, implementing a Calendar plugin that is compatible with Google Calendar.

A Door Alarm / Intrusion Detection system tells the Wisp to send you an e-mail and SMS text message every time your door is open (or other sensor triggered.)

A Foursquare Checkin Lamp is a fun project the team created that uses a lamp to indicate the number of Foursquare users currently checked into a specified location.

Internet-enabled Garage Door Opener allows you to open/close your garage door using any internet-enabled smartphone.

Smartphone-enabled Airsoft Turret employs an airsoft gun on a servo controlled pan/tilt turret with mounted webcam, allowing you to dispatch controlled strikes from a smartphone.

Via the contact form.

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  1. Drone says:

    iPhone and Social Media obsessed? Nah – I’ll pass.

    • weethomas says:

      Really? I can count two times an iphone shows up across all the videos and in each instance it was only for a few seconds.

      That said, I’m sure iphone owners like being able to access their projects through the net as much as everyone else ;)

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