Another way to store your electronics components

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As a response to yesterday’s Workshop Video on how we stock our parts, Alvaro made a video of his own storage system. He predominately uses portable boxes, which have 4 removable compartmentalized containers.

We also talked with Alvaro at the Bay Area Maker Fair 2012, and his wireless friend finder project.

Via Twitter.

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  1. bluehash says:

    Good stuff Alvaro. I have the same small boxes to store tiny parts. This is mine for now.

  2. Winston says:

    When the binder with grab bag resistors is shown, what is the original intended purpose for the plastic pages in the binder? Something related to photography like a slide, negative or print holder? For coin collections?

    • Ian says:

      I have always wanted to use the photograph type or business card types, but everywhere I can find them locally they are quite expensive. I’ve never really investigated online.

      The ones I use are for protecting paper sheets in a binder. Normally you slide 2 sheets back to back. They come in packs of 50 for 2 or 3 bucks (when I can find them, I’ve seen photo holder for 1-3 bucks each).

  3. Alvaro says:

    I believe they are business card holders. You can probably get them at an office supply store.

  4. Oliver says:

    A direct link to those storage boxes would be nice :) Preferably on ebay from china ;)

    • Alvaro says:

      I cant find them anywhere online, sadly. I bought them at the Home Depot a few years ago but haven’t seen them since.

      • Daniel says:

        Here in Canada I found a 4-part organizer with carrying case like you describe in your video yesterday on sale for ~$18 at Canadian Tire. Perfect storage solution as I start into the “Make:Electronics” book from MAKE. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Winston says:

    I think coin pocket binder pages would also be useful for storing taped resistors:

    Various types are available on eBay.

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