Automatically generate Eagle footprints for Microchip parts

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Macdweller wrote a step by step tutorial on making Cadsoft Eagle footprints for any Microchip device, like PIC microcontrollers, using the Ultra Librarian app to generate footprints automatically.

Via the forum.

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  1. Zeta says:

    Ultra Librarian is not a Microchip app, its developed by Accelerated-Designs. Other IC vendors like SiliconLaboratories have been providing footpints in .bxl format for years already.

  2. adnbr says:

    I think Analog Devices uses that software as well.

  3. Mox Box says:

    Ultra Librarian is a pretty spendy piece of software, not for the casual/hobbyist user.
    Search on the web for a copy of LPC (Land Pad Calculator) from Valor,
    before it was bought by Mentor (there are early, but functional copies out there).
    It allows you to type in all the numbers from a datasheet and generate a footprint.

    • zs says:

      Looks like Microchip’s version is free as long as you use it with their stuff…

    • Zeta says:

      It’s expensive only if you want to create new vendor neutral bxl files. Most of us will most probably just want to create eagle/Altium footprints from already existing bxl files.

      The Ultra Librarian version that you can download from Silabs is free and you can use it with any bxl file (even microchip’s bxl files), but you can’t create new bxl files.

  4. Geert says:

    The bxl file format is decodable. The first four bytes contain he encoded original file length. Next follows a Huffman encoded ASCII file.

    • Pavol Rusnak says:

      Hi Geert! Do you have more info on BXL file format? I’m especially interested in the Huffman encoding scheme you mentioned. (Or rather its decoding:-)). You can reach me at stick (at) Thanks!

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