GPS time standard clock with display

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Ezflyr’s GPS-based clock uses the GlobalSat EM-406 module to show the time with around 1 second accuracy.

Here is a photo of the completed GPS Display Time Standard I intend to use for setting a variety of clock projects I’ve made, or am working on. This GPS module, the GlobalSat EM-406, has excellent sensitivity as I’ve been able to lock onto the necessary satellites inside my home without any difficulty!

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  1. Tony says:

    Accuracy from GPS should be a LOT better than 1 second. Is it just because of a display limitation?

  2. Adam Shea says:

    Most modules I’ve seen say the 1pps is accurate to about 10ns which would be 10ppb accuracy.

  3. JBeale says:

    I think only the dedicated timing modules reach 10 ns (and only in good signal conditions- not indoors), but the PPS signal from a cheap general-purpose GPS device should be within a few hundred ns. If it has a PPS at all. Otherwise you’re extracting a time stamp from the NMEA data which can be a lot less precise, especially if it’s read by a separate micro running off a separate clock, maybe even with interrupt latencies, etc.

  4. JBeale says:

    Ok, I take that back. Here’s a fairly cheap general-purpose module and it does claim 10 ns jitter:

  5. mulyono says:

    friend, i found difitcult to read data from gps, when i connected with pc it’s ok n gps can show many correct data but when l connect to micro nd l want come out the data at port c using lcd 16×2, it’s show chinese alfabed, friend give me solution to out from this problem, l really need your help……

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