Human birdwings project: the only thing real was the Seeeduino

UPDATED: The Human Birdwings project is an elaborate hoax, the brainchild of possibly one Jarno Smeets, an alleged mechanical engineer from the Netherlands. His stated goal was to build a set of functional human birdwings similar to those conceived by Leonardo Davinci.

Tinito was watching the above installment from the 14-video series and discovered that the “project” uses a Seeeduino! (See 1:50.) The Arduino board supposedly controlled the motors which supplements human power to move the wings with the necessary force.

The “project” was in fact an elaborate HOAX. It nevertheless required a pretty intense effort to put it together. Using a Seeeduino Arduino board really gave it an air of believability. (Yeah. Ha, ha. April Fools about a week early.)

You can view the video “documentation” of this hoax and the supposed project log at the HumanBirdwings website.

WIRED online has published this analysis of the video of the “maiden voyage”.

Via the contact form.

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  1. Peter says:

    Please consider revising the title to “Guys use a Seeeduino, wiimote in hoax flying video.”

  2. tinito says:

    Yeah, it seems that this turned out to be a fake:
    One of the clue I like more is one of the comment on their webpage: “How did you know you’d do it in 14 videos?” ;D
    But… it still uses a Seeeduino! ;)

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