Global Geek Tour: Visit Hacker Space Seoul

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Hacker Space Seoul is nondescript on the outside, but inside it’s the nicest Hacker Space we’ve ever seen. Clean, newly renovated, well organized, and lots of tools and parts. Only a week ago they moved into this building on the edge of Seoul’s urban electronic part market called Cheonggyecheon. They may be the only hacker space in the world located directly in a huge part market.

Help Hacker Space Seoul get to Maker Carnival 1 in China by voting for their Iron Hack project on Facebook.

Dan invited us over, and retrieved us when we got (understandably) lost in the neighborhood of tiny winding pedestrian paths. HSS members helped route a trip through the market, and pinpointed some of the most unique locations. We’ll share it all in our posts over the next few hours.

We recorded a couple great interviews with HHS members too, look for those on Thursday.

HSS designed their own RepRap-inspired 3D printer that costs less, and uses off the shelf parts.

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  1. Arup says:

    “Help Hacker Space Seoul get to Maker Carnival 1 in China by voting for their Iron Hack project on Facebook.” Just helped by voting as 27’th voter.
    I’d like to see if there’s any video showing how their low-cost off-the-shelf parts’ RepRap printer prints.

  2. GinPB says:

    No videos?

  3. sung says:

    ah hackerspace seoul’s been in euljiro for more than a week – since the start of this year in fact, so it’s been about 3-4 months now..? :p -s

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