No workshop video this week, we’re moving!

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Our move to a new workshop took longer than expected, and we didn’t get it done in time to make a video this week. We’ll be back next week to show you around the new place.

The shop is setup like a studio with lots of lighting and a camera mount on the ceiling over the soldering stations. It should make workshop videos a lot easier to shoot.

To pass the time you can check out our older videos. We’ll also have a special PCB giveaway later today.

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  1. asdf says:

    Where is this secret workshop? Is it in USA or Netherlands?

  2. Arup says:

    It’s ian’s own workshop’s part. I can guess so by seeing the iron with fume extractor pipe which ian uses all the time. Also there’ the stereo magnifier, the flatbed scanner in the distant table, which can be seen in the dangerousprototypes’ tools list wiki.

  3. SS says:

    *Hint, The return address on the Free PCB envelope :D

  4. asdf says:

    @SS, I wish I had any ;)

  5. Drone says:

    “The shop is setup like a studio with lots of lighting and a camera mount on the ceiling over the soldering stations.”

    Cool… Call it “DPTV”.

    Now all you need is a Quadnocular inspection microscope and you can be the first video blog in 3D!

  6. juan delacosta says:

    is this why my pcb still hasnt shipped in over a week?

    • Ian says:

      Paid pcbs ship normally. If it is a free PCB you are lucky if it ships after only one week. Sometimes it takes 3 or more :)

  7. juan delacosta says:

    its normal then to ship paid pcb when becuase i paid on the 1st

  8. blodgar says:

    Ahh… the amazingly neat workshop. I organize mine every month to fight the forces of positive entropy. Doesn’t last long. And a headband magnifier! I couldn’t figure out how my friend could always tell if I was doing close work until he told me he could see the mark of the strap on my forehead. :)

    • Ian says:

      Lol :) the head magnifier I got from adafruit is so light and unobtrusive I often forget it and leave it on way longer than needed. I even.accidentally wore it through a workshop video intro shooting :)

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