Raspberry Pi first batch will be manufactured by February 20th

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Raspberry Pi’s first batch will be manufactured by the 20th of February and should be on sale by the end of the month. These credit card sized boards support a full Linux operating system. A nice addition is that Broadcom released some documentation related to the BCM2835 system on chip used on the Pi. Previously the datasheet required a non-disclosure agreement. Who’s getting the Pi?

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  1. Torsten says:

    Oh, yes. I’m getting one. Or two. But with all the excitement, the first batch seems to be quite small :).

  2. oliver says:

    Sadly, no GPU documentation (yet?) :(

  3. Tiersten says:

    Re: oliver

    Doubt we’ll get any useful low level documentation out of Broadcom on the GPU for 3D or video acceleration. The Raspberry Pi is already stated to have closed source binary libraries for 3D and a limited set of HW accelerated video codecs.

    The SoC doc that was released is nice but even without it, you would have been able to extract most of the information from examining the Linux driver sources. Broadcom is notoriously bad for releasing documentation so I don’t hold out much hope for any useful GPU docs but the SoC docs is a good start!

    I’ll be getting one or two after the initial batch. I don’t have any rush for one at the moment so I can wait and let somebody else get in there first.

  4. Joe Desbonnet says:

    Sadly I think the motivation for being mean about documentation comes from the lawyers (why give your competitor’s lawyers ammunition in patent litigation — documentation and driver source code makes it far easier to discover patent infringement).

  5. fito says:

    I’ll probably grab one later on when I get some free time to mess around with it – never mind seeing what others use it for as inspiration.

  6. JTR says:

    I am planning on getting one, just to play around with linux code development.

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