Processing + Arduino + touchOSC

Adrianmb from Make-a-tronik has written a tutorial on how to how to communicate between your mobile device (Android / iOS device) or a PC and Arduino through a protocol known as OSC (Open Sound Control). The project uses Processing, Arduino, and an LED RGB device. TouchOSC must be installed on the computer or iDevice you intend to use as the control interface. The video shows his demo controlling an RGB LED attached to an Arduino by using slider controls on a computer using an interface constructed with TouchOSC. (The Arduino communicates via serial with Processing which uses the oscP5 library to interface with TouchOSC.) He describes: “We will create a custom template with TouchOSC editor, which we use as a control to vary the intensity of an RGB LED and color combinations to create, we will open a communication link between processing and TouchOSC, finally send all information received to an Arduino board connected to the serial port and see the result obtained in the RGB LED.”

You can read the complete English translation of Adrianmb’s article on the Make-a-tronik website.

Via the contact form.

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  1. Steve says:

    $4.99 on the App Store, no thanks.

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