App note: Comprehensive manual for SMD components

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Here is a comprehensive manual for SMD components. It covers most common SMD components used in the electronics industry today. Package dimensions as well as markings are covered.

This brochure brings a help and clearance for a newcomer and moreover should help a service technician to start a repair of the instruments made with the SMD components. It presents most of the SMD components available at the 1998 end with pin-outs and encoding comparison tables: SMD / classic and classic / SMD. The SMD does not present a “new technique”, it is only a miniaturisation of the components. But this components requires a different processing technology.

Via the forum. Thanks Fcobcn!

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  1. dsm says:

    0508 in the list should have been 0805.

  2. samuel says:

    i want too some smd ics

  3. Miles Love says:

    Should the Case Form in the top left be 0805 instead of 0508, and then moved down one row?

  4. Miles Love says:

    I didn’t see dsm’s comment.

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