SPICY Schematics: A schematic editor and SPICE simulator for iPad

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SPICY is an electronics schematic editor and SPICE simulator for the iPad. A free version is available at iTunes.

SPICY is fast, intuitive, and allows you to literally draw circuits with your fingers. Create, save, edit, share, simulate, export and send screenshots to email, SPICY is a must have for students and working engineers alike.

Via Electronics-Lab

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  1. Terrence Kuchel says:

    Looks Great, is there something similar for android.

  2. Cameron Schmidt says:

    Everycircuit is a neat spice sim on Android.

  3. Torsten says:

    I tried the free version but I really don’t get the point of this version. It does not let you simulate anything. The price tag of the full version is quite ok, so I’m thinking about buying it but it would be nice to at least see how it does the actual simulation before.

  4. Jon Shaulis says:

    The free version doesn’t let you save or simulate. And the full version is $8.

  5. anthony says:

    check out icircuit are circuit lab before you put monie down

  6. Igor says:

    Torsten and Jon, free EveryCircuit for Android DOES simulate circuits. Just open an example and tap play button. And it’s interactive like nothing else!

  7. Torsten says:

    Igor, I was talking about the iPad version of SPICY Schematics (which the article is about). I don’t have an Android device… On the other hand I have a BeagleBoard, so not all hope is lost for running Android sometime :-).

  8. rsdio says:

    If they can put a GUI on SPICE for iOS, then why is there still no GUI SPICE for OSX?

  9. Igor says:

    Torsten, sorry, I was confused. About SPICY, as I understand, it stores schematics and runs simulations an a remote server, so letting free users to save/simulate is expensive. Limitations of the free version make sense. DP, is this correct?

  10. jmfriedt says:

    ngspice (http://ngspice.sourceforge.net/) will compile using the iphonedevonlinux
    toolchain, as shown on http://jmfriedt.free.fr/lm_ipod.pdf (Figure 2)
    with only minor changes to the original code (Y2K bug and POSIX signals not handled
    by iOS).

  11. Torsten says:

    Wow, that ngspice on iPod looks really cool. And iOS development on linux sounds even more interresting :-).

  12. Spicy free version 2.0 submitted to app store and will allow 2 saved files (permanent) and up to 15 netlisting/simulation trials so you can try it out … fyi Also note that as far as I know icircuit does not use spice, they have their own simulator they developed, (great interface, not spice) … when you need real results, you need spice!

  13. Spicy says:

    Just released Spicy Schematics for Android see ischematics.com for details!

  14. Hey everyone, Spicy here, .. Just a few notes:
    Spicy uses ngspice for simulation, and is the first app to offer file sync between ipad and your pc/mac/linux or chromebook machine. Schematics are created, saved, rendered, all locally. Internet usage is only for netlisting and simulation, and we have a robust and powerful multi-server system which can handle thousands of simultaneous connections. Spicy has a FREE web version, for Chrome and Safari browsers, and is also offered as the first Facebook app for circuit schematic design and spice simulation .. Spicy also offers advanced features such as the Online Circuit Library (in-app feature) where the community can share designs, and the free Spice Model Upload Service, where you can upload your own spice models (No other app has this).

    In short, Spicy is the most powerful and flexible circuit design system, with features no other app has … we are committed to continuous improvement, and so Spicy is always evolving .. see the links below for multiple ways to connect and get information, and to interact with the Spicy community.

    SPICY Schematics Homepage: http://ischematics.com
    SPICY Schematics Web Version: http://ischematics.com/chrome.html
    SPICY Schematics iPad Version: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spicy-schematics/id434107624?mt=8%26ls=1
    Email: info@ischematics.com
    Tutorials: http://ischematics.com/video.html User Manual: http://ischematics.com/manual.py
    YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ischematics
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SpicySchematics
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/SpicySchematics
    Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/108238756226891381478
    Google Groups: http://groups.google.com/group/spicy-schematics

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