Simple analog programmable load

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Here is a simple programmable load. It’s basically a constant current sink that is controlled through a pot. The current is sunk through a high power FET which needs to be cooled to function properly.

Here’s a link to a *really* simple linear constant current sink i put together

This design is about as simple as it gets. . .multi-turn pot controlled and readout done by a voltmeter:) The good news is that it works quite well for moderate loads. It was put together to regulate current flowing through a copper electroplating tank. Due to the monstrous Pentium II (or maybe III?) heat sink, it isn’t noticeably warm when eating 9A of current.

Via the forum.

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  1. Drone says:

    Have a look at this EEVblog video from Dave Jones…

    EEVblog #102 – DIY Constant Current Dummy Load for Power Supply and Battery Testing

    Dave’s video deals with heat transfer too. Disclaimer – I’m not affiliated with EEVblog.

  2. Timely! This will be used for my Anodizing System. Thanks!

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