Chemically etched stainless steel stencils from ITead

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ITead started offering chemically etched stainless steel stencils. They’re usually used for easy solder paste placement on SMD boards.

They recommend their stencils for SMD components with a pin spacing greater than 0.5mm, and passive components in 0603 packages and above. Stencils are 0.1-0.2mm thick, and are supplied with supporting frames. Available frame sizes range from 30cmX40cm to 50cmX150cm.

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  1. rik says:

    i already ordered one, when it arrives i’ll give you a small review :)

  2. John Burton says:

    This is good and make me think… I’m wondering what it would take to be able to build bga components such as larger fpgas as a hobbyist? I mean without clever but unreliable hacks such as heating boards on a cooker, or a cheap hack to a toaster oven… I mean using very low end *proper* equipment. Is there anything that’s within reach of a hobbyist who isn’t going to spend many thousand (£, $, €) but who does have a significant budget?

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