Secret Santa for electronics geeks

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At times like these it’s always good to know you’re not the only one that would rather have a reel of caps instead of a wool sweater.

Via the comments.

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  1. Rohit de Sa says:

    Sadly, my family is still under the impression that a woolen pullover or a good pair of jeans is what I want for Christmas. So I went out and bought myself a pair of Motorola MR350s :-)

  2. Stephen Hill says:

    Don’t you mean 100nF…

  3. Arup says:

    Christmas means an week holiday of 25th to 1st for me. A total week for DIYing. :)

  4. Wortelsoft says:

    Well, my girlfriend wanted to buy some electronics for me but she doesn’t know what to buy. Same thing works the other way around I don’t know what to buy for her hobby.

    • hak8or says:

      What is the hobby? Surely googling around and finding forums would get you an awesome idea on what to get her! :P

      What happened for me was the same thing, my girlfriend wanted to get me something for my hobby, but she did not really know what to get me. She found and made a post on there, ended up getting me some very very awesome and relevant stuff! Googling is all you need :D

  5. kuhltwo says:

    I too am looking forward to a week off and tyme to do some hacking!! I have several projects that have been on the back burner awaiting: Parts, Tyme, Peace & Quiet. I should be getting some electrolytic caps from ebay today, then I will have most of what I need to repair some monitors. Any parts are a good thing!!

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