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Saulius tipped us to the Carambola, a Wi-Fi module that supports UART, SPI, I2C, and Ethernet interfaces. On their wiki page you will find how to setup and use this device, as well as a few demo projects.

Via the contact form.

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  1. Markus says:

    Some essential information you omitted form the article: The board costs €22 at It runs openwrt, the open wifi router linux distribution.

    Looks like a very interesting little device.

  2. Karl P says:

    I agree with markus, this is a lot more than a wifi module. It’s a more of a full computer, without a box or power supply.

  3. Carl says:

    Yeah, a WRT on a module!

  4. Saulius says:

    You can see several demo projects here These show how easy it is to build your application.

  5. Nilz says:

    Nice. A complete little embedded linux device.
    When will it be available for shipping ?

  6. Nilz says:

    Last question :)

    How long will shipping take inside the EU ?

  7. Nilz says:

    It took, about 14 days until delivery.
    And it´s really a complete Linux-Machine
    at a small from factor.
    It´s really easy to flash. Connect via RS232 to the
    Dev-Board, upload an image via tftp and youre done.
    But never ever try to upload a new bootloader.
    After I did, it was sort of bricked. Ok, my fault.
    Does any of you know, how to flash a working uBoot
    to this device. I got a Buspirate and some spare time
    to resurect it. Jtag, SPI ? Any ideas ?

  8. Saulius says:

    Nilz, ship it back to 8devices, we will fix it. Subscribe to wiki RSS and keep looking at forum. I hope we will offer simple JTAG solution how to unbrick it soon.

  9. David says:

    I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now. The Carambola is truly tiny and the OpenWrt package management system is very cool. It just needs a lot more people contributing and showing their projects, so go out and buy one now!

    I’ve written a bit about Carambola in comparison with the Arduino on my website:

  10. botee says:

    Hi, I am considering to buy one of these guys. Is it possible to plug in a USB keyboard and use it as an input?

    • NaYthan says:

      Yes, it has full USB Host support. You can attach any USB Hardware you can get drivers for (like Mouse, Keyboard, Webcams, USB HDD, 3G Stick, bluetooth, etc.)

  11. Adrian says:

    For a product like that I searched weeks until I found Carambola 2. Here is a comparison between Carambola2 and a chinese product: GL.Inet Wifi Router

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