New Microchip PIC32 chips in DIP packages

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Here’s a pic of the new 32bit PIC32 microcontroller in a DIY friendly though-hole package. Shaos received a free sample from Microchip and shared this pic in the forum.

Microchip is not alone, NXP is also releasing an 32bit ARM in hobbyist-friendly packaging.

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  1. Drone says:

    “Microchip is not alone, NXP is also releasing an 32bit ARM in hobbyist-friendly packaging.”

    The correct terminology is “development-friendly packaging”. It is not just hobbyists that are frustrated by parts appearing only in (e.g.) BGA form or with huge solder footprints in the middle of the package. Every Commercial/Industrial Engineer I know of wastes time and/or money by having to either buy over-priced evaluation boards for these development un-friendly packages, or custom build them in-house.

  2. Serge says:

    PIC32 MX1/MX2 series is now supported by pic32prog, opensource programming utility for PICkit2 adapter. You can use pic32prog on Linux, or Mac, or Windows.

  3. L Warren Rogers says:

    Gentlemen –

    Putting something using powerful in DIP packaging is biiilliant, but I’ve gotten used to
    assembly language. Do you have any PDFs that tell me which register is where and
    how I may access the input & output pins & the reall problems is interrupts and Analog
    input & output. How does this thing handle those things?

    L Warren Rogers

    • KH says:

      Datasheets can be found at Microchip Technology’s website.
      And you should use a C compiler too, MCHP has free versions available for PIC32. Very few people will develop apps in MIPS assembly language. Try maintaining an assembly language app >2000 lines long and you’ll soon stay in C and never go back. Good luck and happy hacking!

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