Through-hole development board for 18-pin PIC microcontrollers

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Raj made an all through-hole development board for 8bit PIC microcontrollers. Feature list is quite impressive:

  • An ICSP header to connect PIC16F1847 to PICkit3
  • On-board voltage regulator (+5 V)
  • A HD44780 based character LCD display
  • 8 LEDs to read the status of output pins
  • 6 Tact switches for providing inputs
  • A potentiometer for providing analog input
  • TTL to RS232 voltage level translation and vice-versa for serial interface
  • An external serial EEPROM (24LC512)
  • A GPIO expander (MCP23008)
  • Quad OpAmp IC (MCP602) for signal conditioning
  • Digital potentiometers (DS1868)
  • Programmable gain amplifiers (MCP6S92)
  • A temperature sensor (TC74A0)
  • A mini breadboard

The PIC, as well as all the peripherals, are broken out to female headers. You simply use wire jumpers to make connections.

Via the forum.

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  1. Robby says:

    Great setup!

  2. Gahiareta says:

    Glad to see someone likes doing stuff with PICs too

  3. Carl says:

    Wow that’s very tidy!

  4. Tiersten says:

    Nice work. Kind of reminds me of the X-in-one Electronics Kits with the coiled spring contacts I used to have many years ago.

    If you ever need more power then upgrade to the new DIP PIC32s! :D

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