andLinux: seamlessly run Linux apps on Windows

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Michael Reed of LinuxJournal has posted this review of the andLinux distro. Primarily he gives it positive marks, while pointing out concerns about security and the age of the distro from which it’s derived (Ubuntu 9.04), as well as the fact that Linux apps cannot make use of a processor’s multicores.

You can tryout the andLinux distro by downloading it here. (200 MB)

We can’t wait to give it a try running the open source GNU Radio Linux app!

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  1. Arup says:

    What is this machinegeek? Fix the 200MB download link.

  2. Stendall says:

    ¿What the hell?

  3. Stendall says:

    as well as the fact that Linux apps cannot make use of a processor’s multicores

    • the machinegeek says:

      According to the reviewer, as implemented in this distro, “since everything runs within a single Windows process, Linux applications can’t make any use of mutiple CPU cores.” So if you install this on a PC with a multicore processor, nevertheless the apps you run using andLinux cannot take advantage of the multicores.

  4. pali says:

    is there still someone who uses windows? :D

  5. bearmos says:

    I’ll be curious to see how this compares to my current Ubuntu virtual machine..hmm…guess not – from the comments in the article. . .”I used coLinux and AndLinux extensively for a long time until I switched to 64-bit Windows, on which it doesn’t work.”

    Also, it sounds like the project died back in 2009 (which explains the old Ubuntu release).

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