Serenading with Arduino

If you want to add a geek angle to a romantic dinner, what better way than Arduino generated music? Michele Spagnuolo has coded this project for a simple, minimalistic piano-theremin generated by Arduino and Processing. The hardware consists of a SRF05 ultrasonic sensor with Echo connected to digital pin 2 and Trigger/Init connected to pin 3. Michele’s project was based on the previous work by LuckyLarry.

You can download the Arduino and Processing code from Github page. For more project information visit Michele’s website.

Via Arduino blog.

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  1. dsgfds says:

    Just to be sure.
    Is this going to be open hardware too?
    Will it become available in the shop?

    • the machinegeek says:

      The only hardware needed in addition to the Arduino board and your PC is the SRF05 ultrasonic transducer. This is the component chosen by this project’s developer and is not a DangerousPrototypes product. It’s unknown if this could be used with the Parallax PING ultrasonic unit, as it uses a Bidirectional TTL pulse interface on a single I/O pin, but it may work.

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